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Custom document library list template issues

  Asked By: Charmaine    Date: Jan 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3629

Either I don't know what SharePoint is doing or I don't know what I'm doing (or
both, which is more likely).

I'm attempting to create a Custom Document Library template with a custom
content type association (Custom Document), all using a feature. When I create
a document library based on the installed template, the content type association
is there. However, when I click on New Custom Document, the template.dotx does
not reflect the Custom Document content type association. The Word document
information panel does not show any Custom Document content type properties
(like Title and Comments).

Here are the steps I've taken:

1. Create the feature.xml with element manifests of contentType.xml and
2. Create the contentType.xml (Custom Document) with an additional field
reference for Comments
3. Create the CustomDocumentLibrary.xml for the list template
4. Create a Custom Document Library subfolder that contains the same files
that are in the 12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\DocumentLibrary\doclib folder.
5. Edit the schema.xml to use the new content type and field reference
6. Deploy and activate the feature
7. Create a new "Custom Document Library"
8. Go to Custom Document Library Settings and verify the Custom Document
content type is being used
9. Click on New Custom Document to create a new Word document using the Custom
Document content type
10. Note that the Document Information Panel did not open up
11. Manually open the document properties and note that Server Properties is
not an option
12. Open the document library in explorer view and navigate to the Forms folder
13. Save a copy of the template.dotx to the desktop and rename it to
14. Open template.zip and then open the [ContentTypes].xml file.
15. Note that there are no references to custom xml properties.
If I create the document library using the UI and reference the Custom Document
content type, all is well. SharePoint seems to create the template.dotx with
the content type hookup just fine. Using the list template, it fails; no
content type hookup in the template.dotx. Interestingly, if I add the standard
Document content type to the list and remove it right away, it fixes up the
template.dotx for the Custom Document content type.

I guess the first question is, has anyone gotten this to work correctly? If so,
is there a setting in the list template or content type xml that I am missing?

Maybe this functionality is not available when using features? In that case, is
there something in the object model I can use as a workaround? I'd really like
to not have to mess around with the UI after doing the feature installations.
Kind of defeats the purpose of features, IMHO.



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