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Custom Announcements, News, Quick Links, Events web parts

  Asked By: Christopher    Date: Aug 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3105

My goal is to:

- Let dashboard coordinators easily add Quick Links,
News, Announcements and Events to their dashboards
by using the web part and then specifying a location
in the "Store the following data" part.
(ideal would be for the web part to auto-configure
itself by storing it in a subdir of the dashboard)
- Give dashboard coordinators a web part that lets
them add/manage these links just like the "Add A
Link to Home Dashboard" web part does.

Here are my issues:

I can't right-click in the Windows Explorer inside a folder that contains
Announcements, Quick Links, Events or News and easily create new Web Links.
Also, initial setup of the folders is a little cumbersome in that I have to
create the folder, modify the folder properties so that Web Links and other
profiles can be saved in it, modify the web part added to the non-Home
dashboard to look in that specific folder, and manually try to create quick
links in that folder.

I have the "Add A Link to Home Dashboard" web part and it's great for the
Folders inside of Portal Content. I've also found from looking at the code
that it actually gets a list of subfolders and dynamically generate the list
of folders on this web part, but what I don't want is 30-100 items in the
dropdown list.

So far, I created a folder in /Portal Content/Resources called
CustomQuickLinks. Subfolders inside of that folder contain the content for
those dashboard's quick links, events, announcements, etc. I manually
modify each web part to point to that location.

What I'd really like is to have another web part that lets me configure
WHICH folder it gets it's dropdown list for. Is it just a matter of
changing "objFolder.DataSource.Open portalContentFolder" to a different set?
Or possibly changing portalContentFolder to some content inside of the
"Store the following data" piece?

Anyone else really solve the problem of having lots of different dashboards
with events, news, announcements and quicklinks?



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