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Currently Online Users

  Asked By: Janak    Date: Jul 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1702

I have a requirement where in i need to show all the users who are
currently online in a SharePoint site in a webpart. Any one did this
before? How can i do this?

Also, can anybody explain me how SharePoint creates and manages user



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Answer #1    Answered By: Rosemarie Cervantes     Answered On: Jul 19

Sharepoint is a web application. Web applications run in a connectionless
environment so there really is no such thing as users  currently online.
Traditional Session State is turned off in Sharepoint by default in most
installations. The closest you can come is by using the presence indicators
that will show  whether a person is logged in to an Instant messaging system or

Answer #2    Answered By: Manan Kadu     Answered On: Jul 19

Another thought: you could add a small script to the default master page --
or even core.js if you feel daring -- that makes an update to the server
every minute or so. When the user navigates away from the site  or closes
the page, the requests stop and you know they're gone. Of course this
carries with it the standard network baggage associated with continuous

Additionally, you could simulate this by tracking their traffic, so every
time a user's makes a page request their idle time is reset to zero. After
a certain amount of time with no requests, you could set them to idle, and
-- unless there's a specific log out request -- set them to logged out after
a somewhat larger wait time.

Just some random thoughts; take 'em for what they're worth.

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