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  Asked By: Jessie    Date: Jan 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 913

SharePoint could refer to any of four server products - Windows
Services (WSS) is part of Windows Server 2003, SharePoint Portal Server
2003 (SPS2003) is a standalone server in the Office 2003 family built on
WSS. These match up with Office 2003 clients for the best integration.

SharePoint Team Services (STS) is the predecessor to Windows SharePoint
Services, and SPS 2001 match up with Office XP as the best client

The answer on WSS and SPS2003 is that there is no such list, as they do
use or store that type of state information. I'm not as familiar with
and SPS2001, it may be possible with those.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Thomas Davis     Answered On: Jan 29

I realize that SharePoint has gone through a metamorphasis. My problem
that I have the original version of SharePoint Team Services which is
imbedded in the Microsoft FrontPage edition 2002. It must be hosted on
Windows 2000 Server which mine is, with the extentions activated which
is. And there is very little specific reference material that I have
able to find on this product version. So there is much confusion and
that applies to Windows SErver 2003 and the FrontPage 2003 may not
translate back to the 2002 version.
I am looking for info specifically for the version that I own.
Does anyone have a suggestion for specific reference material for my
situation. I am with a nonprofit professional organization and this is
version that I have to work with. It is really very powerful and my
hosting isa bargain if I can just get a basic root site up and running
there is no limit on the number of subwebs that can be created with no
extra costs incurred beyond hosting which I already have in place. No
extra licenses etc. I have been flapping around this project since last
This group seems to be for Web site design geeks and I don't really fit
that bill. I have sorting out quite a bit but....
Thanks for any help or insight that anyone of you learned folks can
this newbie. If a template could be disigned for our type of situation
someone could make some money selling this format to small professional
groups in the alternative healthcare arena.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dominic Davis     Answered On: Jan 29

Finally found a copy of Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002 INSIDE OUT and your
link was one that I had not found in my many searches of the Microsoft
Library so I really appreciate your response. And it is great to realize
that I am working with Sharepoint Team Services version 1.0 which most
serious developers are now beyond.
The original Dinosaur. This could be very wonderful or difficult time will
tell! Hope you can get some insightful responses to your posting.

For you review of the history and progress for the development
of the Sharepoint programs. I finally get it where my version sits.

it seems you want info on how to customize Sharepoint Team
Services (Sharepoint 1.0) templates. Though I don't know how to do this
myself, I know that if you go here:


You might be able to find a place from which to start.That's all I know
on this subject.

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