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Cross Site SSO with multiple FQDNs & anonymous users

  Asked By: Lisa    Date: Feb 02    Category: MOSS    Views: 11812

We are a small public agency.
We are 100% Microsoft, moving into Sharepoint after having developed many sites in .Net.
We have the following need:
() ALL of our sites allow anonymous access (think eBay). When accessed anonymously,the user can access a great deal of the site (think eBay).
() We have a USER PROFILE which, once a user logs in, gives them the ability to sign up for mailing lists, register for events, etc. Think eBay again.
() SOME of our sites have multiple levels of security; once the user logs in, we can "see" who they are and grant the right access.
() Our sites do NOT all have the same FQDN - an example: freightworks.org and scag.ca.gov.

We need a solution that will allow users to access any and all of our family of sites anonymously, but if they choose to log in (and create a profile if they do not have one yet), they are then granted additional permissions to see and touch data/pages they otherwise would not be able to.

Anybody know of a product for this???



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