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Creative Suite documents being saved to SharePoint with Check In/Out

  Asked By: Imran    Date: Feb 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1360

Anyone have any direction for saving Creative Suite CS2 or CS3 documents
to SharePoint site with the Check In/Out feature enabled? While MS
Office provides the functionality of Check In/Out feature when saving to
the SP server, it doesn't appear that the Creative Suite CS2 or 3
(CS4?)provides that type of functionality which causes quite the
heartburn for this specific company to utilize SharePoint in their
environment. The company specializes in creating explanation directions
that get shipped with equipment to customers. Their clients for example
may include HP for printers. They use the Creative Suite of
applications for all their design and would like to use SP to share
documents for collaboration using ECTS but they need to utilize the
Check In/Out feature in and out of SharePoint.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Thomas Davis     Answered On: Feb 10

Checkin/checkout within an app requires the app to be SharePoint aware
(there are some web services calls that happen behind the scenes in
Office). Their choices would be:

1) Cteate/buy a plugin for CS2/CS3 that implements the necessary
checkin/checkout code

2) Turn off "Require Checkout" in the document libraries

3) Save the files locally first, then use the SharePoint browser UI
to do checkin/checkout/file upload.