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Creating a voting site

  Asked By: Travon    Date: May 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3475

I am trying to build a site for one of our leadership groups, and
I'm using WSS 2.0.

I need a location for this group to, as easily as possible, read
about a current issue, hold a discussion on this, then do a simple
yes/no vote on the issue. This will happen several times throughout
the year.

I started by creating a subsite under their team site
called "voting." I used a CEWP on the default page to display the
issue for review, then created a discussion list and a survey list,
naming both using a convention that identifies the specific issue. I
put those two LVWPs on the default page as well, so there's an easy,
one-stop shop for folks to do their business. One question I have
is, should I have a new subsite for each voting issue, or just have
the voting site eventually have many discussion lists and many
voting surveys...and CEWPs?!

Now I'm stuck. :) I'm not sure this is the best approach, especially
since it seems like it'll require some klunky rearranging for the
site admin for each new issue/vote that needs to be posted.

The current process this group is using is actually in a separate
forums software. They have a private forum, and the site admin posts
a new topic for each new issue, makes the initial message include
the issue at hand, then folks reply w/ discussion points and
eventually reply w/ their votes. Everyone can see everyone else's
votes, which isn't a concern for them, but it's not really what
forums are meant to do, and it's not so clean and simple for the
site admin to tally the votes, etc.

Help! I've been writing process documentation all week, and my brain
is officially fried. I'd love any advice from anyone...as long as it
involves using WSS 2.0 somehow.



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