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Creating views and webparts that boosts the user activity

  Asked By: Urjita    Date: Jan 28    Category: MOSS    Views: 991

I am currently working on how to get the most interesting, relevant
and useful information accessible to our SharePoint users. (services
3.0 or MOSS 2007).

The users should easily find the best content on a site.

I believe this is very important on publishing/news sites, like
intranet and internet sites as well as in many other situations.

Can anyone please help me or point to resources to how I can make
these or any of the following views/webparts:

• Latest comments (5 or 10 comments from forum or blog)
• Latest users (5 or 10 last visitors on site/subsite/page)
• Online now (list of online/active users)
• Most downloaded document (5 or 10)
• Most visited webpages (5 or 10)
• Most popular/visited blog posts (5 or 10)
• Most popular/visited forum posts (5 or 10)
• Most active sites or subsites (5 or 10)
• Most active forums (5 or 10)
• Most active document libraries (5 or 10)
• Most clicked links (from list/blog/web page) (5 or 10)
• Who others are visiting this item/page/document now (5 or 10)
• Most popular search words (5 or 10)
• Most recent search words (5 or 10)
• Related posts, documents, list items etc. (5 or 10)

I would also love to make webparts with:

• 10 most useful/helpful posts (rated by users)
• 10 most useful/helpful documents or document lists
• 10 most useful links..
• And so on…..

But I think this is stretching it… even thou I know there is a rating
project on CodePlex..

Does anyone have any insights about this?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sunny Delacruz     Answered On: Jan 28

Not necessarily the best approach if you can find a dedicated web part for some
of these, but there is a generic approach that could be used for most of them.

1) Create a Linked Data Source in SharePoint Designer (using Merge) for the
Lists or libraries that contain the content you want to display the best or most
recent entries for.
2) Add that as a DataForm web part on the page.
3) Sort the results of the web part to surface the most recent or most popular
entries to the top of the list
4) Access the Paging options of the DataForm Web part and set it to only display
the top X entries

The resulting web part will now display the top X number of posts based on your
sorting criteria. This will work for any content that is stored in a list, a
library, or a set of lists and libraries in a site collection.

Answer #2    Answered By: .net Guru     Answered On: Jan 28

But, that won't necessarily tell you what the "most popular" documents
or posts are, will it? The data view web part (or any OOB web part)
doesn't know how often items are simply clicked on and viewed, right?
Wouldn't you have to do some sort of auditing to know when items are

Answer #3    Answered By: Renata Burt     Answered On: Jan 28

No, it wouldn't tell you what the most popular are. But if you implement a
rating system for users  like the one available in CodePlex, then you would have
a piece of metadata to filter on which you could use to determine the most
popular. I was just explaining a generic method to display the top 10 or top 25
or whatever of some category. The data has to be there for the webpart to sort
on and display the top ten.

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