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Creating Transmittals in Sharepoint - Conceptual Help

  Asked By: Cedric    Date: Nov 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3364

I work for an engineering company. One aspect of our job is to pull
together a list of documents (word docs, cad drawings etc.) and
create what we call a transmittal. Typically we will compose a word
document that lists who the transmittal is from , whom it is to, the
list of documents in the transmittal, along with revision dates for
those documents. We will zip all the documents together and then
send out an email.

It seems Sharepoint is a great foundation from which to build such a
solution. I could imagine the workflow something like this

1) Create Transmittal
2) Fill in Title
3) Fill in who the transmittal is to (this could be people on the
site or outside contacts)
4) Select the docuemnts to be included in the transmittal. Only the
latest revisions should be included.
5) Send the Transmittal

What should be "produced" is
1) A word doc (preferably converted to a PDF) that contains the key
information related to the transmittal
2) A ZIP file containing this document along with copies of all the
documents associated with the transmittal
3) This ZIP file should be emailed to all people on the TO list.

Conceptually this isn't a very complex task but I need someone to
guide me in the right direction.

Are there packaged solutions that do this (I would be very willing
to purchase something). Has someone put together something like
this in the opensource community.
I am a pretty accomplished Visual Studio/ASP.Net programmer so I'd
be happy to implement a solution that is similar but not exact.

Do you think this could be done with built-in tools like workflows
or will I need to write some custom DLL's.
Could I keep this all web based or am I going to end up with a
windows app?

Any guidance, nudge, links, or suggestions would be appreciated.



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