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Creating SITES from SUBAREAS

  Asked By: Srikant    Date: Oct 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 969

Some Sub Area Templates allow you to "Create A Site" from them and
some DO NOT put this in the list of actions.

For example:
From an area you created with the Community Area template you only
have the option in actions to "Create Subarea."

From the same area, if you went to MANAGE PORTAL SITE and Edited the
area, went to the PAGE tab and changed it to it's parent's template
(mine happened to be the Site Directory Template); when I go back to
the aspx I now have the Create Site in my Action list. What's more, I
can go back to MANAGE PORTAL SITE>AREA_NAME>EDIT>PAGE>and toggle it
back to the original SubArea template if I like.

Question: Is there a way to get a CREATE SITE action from AREAS that
do not have it listed as an action down the left -hand side?

Also, since you can choose the option of:
"This area uses the following page as a template" in the
MANAGE PORTAL SITE>AREA_NAME>EDIT>PAGE>Area Templates page, could you
not also say that my previous question about whether you could
template an Area or SubArea could be answered, "yes?"

For example:
I have a (subarea) everyone agrees on for our IT group. They want to
break out 7 divisions under that almost exactly like the subarea I
showed them. Seems like I could just use the
"area_name/page-name.aspx" for that and be done with it excepting the
customizations for each division.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kristina Cox     Answered On: Oct 31

When I realized that both forms of the same subArea template  existed
simultaneously, I realized that if I just put  a link on the
http://portal_name/IST SubArea to the Site Directory templated version
-the users could 'Create Site' from there. It's an extra click, but
solves some problems. I suppose I could have just used the URL that
the CREATE SITE link went to ,
but I am trying not to hard code many links with direct paths to things.

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