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Creating sites at root

  Date: May 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 628

I have a SharePoint Foundation environment. I normally create all my sites
under (/sites/). I'm now being asked to create another site under the root (/).
How will the affect the permissions on my other sites? Is there anything I
should be aware of before I do this?



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Answer #1    Answered On: May 29    

It won't effect the permissions of the other site collections under /Sites/
at all. Each Site Collection maintains its own set of permissions. The
site collection in the root won't even know the other site collections

Answer #2    Answered On: May 29    

I thought there was an issue a while back that suggested we shouldn't do any
work on a root site collection. Is there any reason not to do this?

Answer #3    Answered On: May 29    

Sorry, your message appears to have been cut off. Is there any reason not
to do what?

Answer #4    Answered On: May 29    

"do any work on a root site collection".....

Answer #5    Answered On: May 29    

Yes, I saw that, but in reference to what? What kind of work?

I do customizations on root sites all the time. If you deploy a master page
it has to be in the gallery in the root site.

Answer #6    Answered On: May 29    

Heck if I know. Maybe he's talking about sites that would need to be
individually backed up and/or moved?

Answer #7    Answered On: May 29    

What I mean is that I thought I read or understood that some people
were seeing issues and observing misbehavior with other aspects of their
web applications when the root site collection of the root site was
modified or fiddled with using features, etc. Since I read that I have
encouraged my shops to not put anything except for a blank site
collection at the root site. We have put the occasional Javascript file
in a library at the root to get around cross-site scripting issues, but
I've never actually had a business case where I needed programmatically
to work with a root webapp site collection...that is, until we started
looking at the application we're now building. This application will
ONLY have a site at the webapp level so I feel we're skirting the

Something along these lines:
Do not overly complicate this site collection: http://webapp/
Always build and configure sites at a managed path:

After some googling (yeah, I said it...) it would seem a bigger issue
is to make sure that you actually HAVE some site at the root. I couldn't
find any references to what I previously mentioned but in looking around
I came across these somewhat related links:

"Do not use “/*” to indicate wildcard managed sites at the root of the
site collection. Using this wildcard prevents a site from being created
at the root of the Web application, which is required for some Microsoft
SharePoint Foundation 2010 features to work."

SharePoint 2010: Supportability of unprovisioned root site in a
SharePoint web application:

I know I saw references to what I previously mentioned because I recall
the conversation I had with a coworker who had found the same
information online. I guess if no one knows of, or is actually having,
any issues I can ignore this old habit...

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