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Do I really have to create two page layouts - one with and one with

  Asked By: Grace    Date: Mar 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 10416

In Sharepoint Designer, is there a way to accomplish conditional
formatting in the html if there are images on the page versus when
there are not? For instance, if there are images on the page, I
want the following to occur:

<div class="photo">
<CMS:RichImageField FieldName="RI_Photo1" runat="server"

If there are no images on the page, I don't want that "div
class=photo" tag to render--as, it puts this empty gray box on the

I had a little bit of luck with javascript, but, I couldn't figure
out how to check if RI_Photo1 contained any data (specifically, an

Any ideas?



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