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Create Training for Users (MOSS 2007)

  Asked By: Rey    Date: Aug 15    Category: MOSS    Views: 1408

I was wondering if anyone out there has been tasked with creating training
modules for employees. I have to create a training module for all of my
company's offices worldwide. Odds are I am going to use WebEx as the
platform, but I am trying to decide what to cover. Just in my home office
alone I have seen different levels of technical aptitude as we as different
areas users want covered. There are things I feel that should be covered,
but the average user is most likely going to want other things. I know that
I cannot please everyone and there will be undoubtedly be some things I
gleam over that require thorough explanation as well as things I will
explain to death that could probably get by with just a mention.

Anyway, as said, I wanted to see if anyone else has to --or is creating
instructions for MOSS 2007.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Trinity Scott     Answered On: Aug 15

I'm having to deal with this myself.

Below are some links for end-user and site administrator "How-Tos". These
videos do not have sound, but it's a good start.

SharePoint Hosting:

MOSS download for SharePoint Hosting:

MS Team Blog with .ppt How-To's:

More How-To links:

It appears the Microsoft has end user training, but it's deployed on top
of the SLK (the SLK loads on top of SharePoint). When I tried installing
the SLK, I had problems, but I was able to deploy the solution via Central
Administration (Operations tab\Solution management (under Global
Configuration)\sharepointlearningkit.wsp\Deploy Solution).

Here are some links for the SLK:

I believe that once the SLK is installed, you can install the Microsoft
training. Here's some instractions on how to do this:

I was able to install the Microsoft training  and from what I've seen so
far, it's okay (but far from complete). I need to find out if you can
easily add training to it.

Answer #2    Answered By: Constance Guerrero     Answered On: Aug 15

I hate to blow our own horn, but Mindsharp recently completed a set of CBT's
that companies can deploy on a SharePoint site for training  everything from End
Users to Site Collection administrators. You can view a couple of sample
modules on the Mindsharp website at:



Answer #3    Answered By: Chandrabhan Konwar     Answered On: Aug 15

I have seen the Mindsharp one and it is good. We at officetalk are about to
release a brand new exciting product called officetalk Knowledge which is a
completely customisable E-Learning system that runs on SharePoint and can be
adapted for any staff training  you need. So far it has only been trialled at
Universities but we have received some great reviews and it is endorsed by

Let me know if you want to know more about it.

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