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Create Site Collection- Items in lists, libraries say modified

  Asked By: Ravi    Date: Aug 10    Category: MOSS    Views: 2439

I have recently installed MOSS 2007 SP2 and created a 2 server farm. Both the
SQL Server(2008) and web server machines are Windows 2008 machines. I did the
install and configuration all using a farm account(SPFarm) which is a domain
account and also an admin of the web server machine. This farm account also is
used for the web application pool for the central admin IIS web site, the ssp
admin IIS Site, and the web application for the site collections and sites I am
creating in SharePoint.

After configuring, I added my personal domain account to the Farm Administrators
group using Central Admin. This account is also an admin of both the web server
and SQL Server machines.

When I log in to the Central Admin site using my personal domain account and
create a new site collection(for example a Report Center), making myself the
primary site collection administrator, it creates the site collection just fine.
When I then navigate to the top level site of the site collection, select View
All Site Content and then look at any of the items in the lists and libraries
that have been created, they all say created by "system account". When I look at
the system account is says that it is created by my personal domain account with
a timestamp of the time I created the site collection.

I would have expected all the items in the lists and libraries to say modified
by my personal domain account. When I then add or modify any of the items in the
the lists or libraries, they then show up as being modified by my personal
domain account.

Is this behavior normal or do I have something setup wrong?



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