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Cannot create Report Builder Model from WSS 3.0 using SQL2005 Reporting Services

  Asked By: Celia    Date: Apr 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2220

Error Message:

Cannot create a connection to data source 'DS_Chevo2_JM.rsds'.
For more information about this error navigate to the report
server on the local server machine, or enable remote errors


* Windows Server 2003 R2 running WSS 3.0 SP2
* Windows Server 2003 R2 running SQL 2005 SP3, Reporting Services, WSS
3.0 object model only

Couple of items of note:

SP2 for WSS 3.0 shows installed on the SQL Server
box but in Central Administration the version still shows as not like my other front end.

Also BI studio is not installed on the
SQL 2005 box.

I have integrated SQL2005 Reporting Services with SharePoint. Both RS
accounts, windows and service, are running under the same domain account. I
have created the unattended execution account which runs under the same
domain account. I have given the domain account Full Control over the reports
library I am using. I realize my permissions are wide open but I am trying
to get this working and then lock down after I understand the issues. I am
able to generate the data source from SharePoint with no problems. When I try
to generate a model from SharePoint I receive the RSErrorOpeningConnection
error in relation to trying to create a connection to the data source.



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lizette Mcconnell     Answered On: Apr 06

So after working with MS on this issue we were able to get it working by making two major changes. The first was that NTLM was not set as the authentication mode on the Report Server. This despite IIS saying to the contrary. We had to run 'cscripts adsutil.vbs set W3svc/{the id of the Report Server web site}/ ntauthenticationprovider "NTLM" to set the provider.

We also had to change the app pool account that my SharePoint site was running under. I have a single front end and a SQL backend with RS running on it. My app pool account was network service. This had to be changed to a domain account and voila!!

Please keep in mind SP is connecting to RS using Trusted Account Mode. I did not set up Kerberos to run in Windows Authentication. Hope this helps someone else.


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