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Create a mechanism to track superseded and superseding documents

  Asked By: Jaron    Date: Feb 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2270

I'm new to Sharepoint so would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. I have been tasked with creating a Sharepoint document repository that will house only final versions of documents. So in that sense, I will not be able to use OOB versioning.

Sometimes, final documents get superseded by newer versions, but the older ones need to be kept for historical purposes. So, for example, I have document x dated Day 1, then I have to store Document x.1 dated Day 10. When users look at document x, they should see that the document was superseded by x.1. Similarly, when users find x.1, they should see that it superseded x.

I figure that this will require when a superseding document is uploaded, the uploader will have to locate the superceded document and create the relationship between the two.

I can't think of an obvious way to accomplish this. Can anyone help?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Justin Mckee     Answered On: Feb 02

Apologies in advance if I'm over simplifying this, but I might do it like this;

Create a document  library with versioning, that's where your documents  go.

Create a document without versioning, for your final  versions.

Create a workflow and attach to the first list that activates when a document changes. Get it to copy the changed document to list 2. It will overwrite because there is no versioning, providing your supercede function.

Also get the workflow to write the prior version to a column you will set up in your content type for list 1.

If lucky you might be able to achieve this little lot with Sharepoint Designer workflow, code free.

If two lists are acceptable this seems like a relatively simple solution to put together.