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Can you create a BDC LOB web service that takes a collection as input?

  Asked By: Jennifer    Date: Jun 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1137

I am looking for a way to model a web service for BDC such that:
I can return a list of data as key value pairs, or an array/list of data where the field names are dynamic
I can have a list of key value pairs as input, or an array/list of data where the field names are dynamic

input could be a hash table, string array, list, what ever would work.


output could be the same, but would obviously be rows of key value pairs unlike the input which is a single row of pairs.

name:blue bonnett

the customer creates another BDC app

location:cold area
height:10 meters

1 web service to rule 2 (or more) BDC LOB apps, how?

I'm trying to relate a simple example to a complex yet generic problem.

The customer can create a BDC App to search a back end repository that represents a system, data store, etc. Tp make things more fun the customer defines the names of the fields exposed by these back end systems. The exposed names are customer created, totally up to them. This means as they create entities for the BDC app the names could be anything. They can create any number of apps against any number of these repositories they have created.

I was thining one way to model this would be to represent the input and out put as pairs of data. The key represents the field name and the value is just that. The web service does not need to understand the names of the fields. It only needs to be a middle man to exchange information between the BDC and back end system. If you model it as specific structures of fields, more like a specific and static design, then you would have to emit code on the fly and created a web service for every BDC LOB app created. What you would be doing is dynamically creating code for the data structures, web service, and ADF.

Surely there must be a way to design an ADF that can model this kind of generic, flexible, and dynamic web service? If it was just two web services talking to each other it would be a peice of cake. So how to you tell BDC how easy this is? It doesn't even need to be a single ADF. Each ADF can be custom to the enities etc. being created by the customer. But how do you get it all to funnel into a single generic web service?

all of the examples of creating BDC LOB web services assume you have a known structure, known field names, ect. Basically it assumes you have a static design and all your doing is a BDC to web service field map.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Candy Walter     Answered On: Jun 28

i read, researched, cried, and watched the sun rise. I wouldn't say I gave up, but I would say I learned you can't do what i wanted. I tried