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Corporate branded theme for My Site as default ?

  Asked By: Rohit    Date: Mar 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 7554

So far the users did not have the option to create My Site.

I have a corporate branded theme for My Site. Next week we will allow users
to create My Site. Is it possible to make the corporate theme as the default
one *only* for the My Site. So when a user creates My Site it will have the
look and feel (both the private and public view) of the corporate theme NOT
the OOB look and feel.

This is only for My Site not for any new Team Site.
If I create a new site definitions for My Site by making changes to
SPSMSITE will it help.



10 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lynsey Carver     Answered On: Mar 31

My site  uses two .aspx files in the C:\PROGRAM FILES\...\TEMPLATE\1033\SPMSITE
folder: default.aspx is for the private  view, public.aspx for the public  view.
Editing these to provide branding will have no effect on the team  site template,
which is in the ...\STS folder.

Answer #2    Answered By: Richard Allen     Answered On: Mar 31

I would corporate  brand the MySite template located in the the SPSMSITE
folder in the 60 hive. To have a completely look and feel  of the MySite
template you can add a stylesheet link to the private  and public.aspx
file to provide your own styles only to the MySite template.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ian Davis     Answered On: Mar 31

...with the usual caveat that doing so will break supportability from MS and
will likely be overwritten by service packs, etc. Unfortunately there is no way
around this, so keep a backup copy of the templates (both original and updated)
around to avoid problems.

Answer #4    Answered By: Jagjit Hui     Answered On: Mar 31

further to this earlier question, has anyone had any success modifying the My
Site template? That is, changing the onet.xml to include (say...) addition aspx
files into the template?

It seems that the my site  template works in a similar way to the SPS template -
it's run once on the installation of the product and then never referenced
again. I'd like to be able to modify both of these, but as far as I've found
there is no way to do it.

Answer #5    Answered By: Alton Vance     Answered On: Mar 31

I had the same experience. What I ended up doing to customize is to add server
controls rather than web parts. The benefit of the server controls was that
they could easily be added to the default.aspx and public.aspx files.

Answer #6    Answered By: Sydney Lewis     Answered On: Mar 31

With the same context, is it possible to make custom server control and
add them to the required .aspx files?

Answer #7    Answered By: Jayme Raymond     Answered On: Mar 31

Not sure I understand your question, but I think I answered it in my previous
post. Custom server controls can be added to default.aspx and public.aspx,
which are the two pages used by the MySite feature.

Answer #8    Answered By: Devika Bellad     Answered On: Mar 31

Even when I read it again, it sounded confusing. What I wanted to ask
was is it possible to create  a custom server control in Sharepoint, so
that it can be directly added to the default.aspx pages. As you said it
is possible. You mentioned that they can be added in the two pages used
by My Site. So how do we go about doing that? Also is there any
restriction on adding these controls to .aspx of other SP pages, or any
other procedure to do that.

Answer #9    Answered By: Diego Paul     Answered On: Mar 31

yes, I've been adding controls to the pages already for look & feel
customisations , but I'd specifically like to add more aspx pages to the mysite
(and SPS) template. It does look like there's no way around this - I've kludged
in an extra page by creating a standard web part page and hacking around with
the url so it appears in my site  rather than the document library. But it would
be nice to do it the right way..

Answer #10    Answered By: Denis Cantrell     Answered On: Mar 31

as long as the pages are NOT ghosted in the SPS database, they are processed by
asp.net and are perfectly normal aspx pages. Well, except that you can't have
inline aspx code in the body (actually the pages <form> tag).

But you can write web controls to use the .net/SPS objects and reference them.

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