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Copying Area metadata and contents from one list to another w/o usi

  Asked By: Howard    Date: Oct 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1628

I got assigned this issue raised by a user. Although the philosophy
behind areas is to provide more of a centralized and managed
environment than sites provide, we carve out areas for communities
to "own" thereby distributing administration and content
management. We don't allow them access to the top level, though.

So, given that, the user has a valid point. Other than confirming
that he's correct in his interpretation of how things work, are
there any workarounds that you know of? It's easy enough to get
content mapped from one list to another, but how about metadata?
I'd like to be able to offer some alternatives rather than just
dismissing this as the way it is.

"At the SPS Area level, there always seems to be the need to re-use
a custom lists (i.e. a custom Link list, Doc Library with
specialized metadata for categorization, etc.) that has proven to do
the job of presenting data. Currently, we have to recreate the list
manually as we are not allowed to save the list as a template as it
would be available to all Area communites.

It would be time-saving and promote consistency throughout a
community, if there was an option when saving a list template at the
SPS Area level to save the list locally, and an option to import
that list metadata when creating lists. Including the content can be
optional, as it currently is when saving lists as templates.

At the WSS Site level, there are no issues."



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