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Coping with MOSS Menu Overload

  Asked By: Thomas    Date: Jun 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 808

I'm running into an interface issue that is driving users crazy.

We're trying to populate our intranet using MOSS and the CMS features.
We've built custom front-end masterpages that hide the default tab
navigation in sharepoint.

However, we left the 'admin' screens the default (as a) it's less work
for us and b) they're going to get used to that anyways on their team
collaboration sites). So if you are editing content in your site, or
viewing a list or document library directly, you get the typical blue
layout with tabbed navigation across the top.

What happens is that people start adding 6 or 7 pages, typically with
names longer than need be, and then end up with a navigation bar
across the top some 1600 pixels wide or so. Which, of course, royally
messes up all the screen layouts as it appears MS in infinite wisdom
put the whole page in one giant table.

I was wondering what people would suggest to get around this issue. We
could modify the default admin masterpages to remove the menu, but it
seems like one shouldn't modify the default anything in MOSS too much.

We could show people how to modify the menu settings in their site,
but that's just more details these new users need to absorb.

Anyone lean one way or the other? Any other interesting options to consider?



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