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More content type questions

  Asked By: Dana    Date: Dec 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 851

I'm trying to understand and work with the parent/child content type
model, but am stumped as to why my CQWP isn't playing nicely with what
I've set up.

As a test, I performed the following steps:

1. Created a site content type "Test" based on the parent Article
Page and placed in new group "Testgroup"
2. Created a site content type "Testchild" based on the parent
"Test" and placed in new group "Testgroup"
3. Created a site content type "Testchild2" based on the parent
"Testchild" and placed in new group "Testgroup"
4. Added all three new content types to the Pages library.
5. Created a new article page for each of the three content types
in the new group, making sure to check in/publish the new pages.
6. Put a CQWP on the home page of the site. Default rollup of the
*whole site collection* surfaced my new pages.
7. Configured the CQWP as follows: show items from following list:
site/Pages; show items of content type group: Testgroup, content type
Test; include child content types.

Result: nothing in the rollup.

After trying a number of things, the only way I could get the CQWP to
find the pages was to use the content type "page layout content types"
and content type "article" and include child content types. This makes
no sense to me as I now cannot confine the rollup to my test content
types. I understood the functionality of content types and CQWPs to
support more granular rollups and filtering. I have it working in other
document libraries but this is the first time I've attempted more
complex parent/child relationships.

Also, don't know if this matters, but the site I'm working in was not
built from the publishing site template. Publishing features were
activated after the fact. Do you think that makes a difference?

Thanks for any help/advice. I've got to get this figured out-it's making
my head explode and sucking up huge amounts of time!



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