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Content Type - Date Values Blank Out on Workflow Update

  Asked By: Bobbi    Date: Aug 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 15567

In a document library, I have created two content types, which in both document
template there is a header that displays dates (insert/document property) that
are set using a workflow.

Now here's the problem:

When any metadata for the document is updated using a workflow, all of the date
values blank out?! It shows it added blank in the version history and
everything. I'm doing no edits to the dates - I'm updating a completely
different field.

One odd thing I have found trying to troubleshoot this, is that if I remove the
problem Date columns from the particular Content Types columns, then these
fields never blank out.

But that then removes the values from my header which displays those dates.

I hope that makes sense - any thoughts would be appreciated..



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Patrick Davis     Answered On: Aug 12

If I'm reading this correctly the fields are set  by the workflow, so if you
modify something the workflow, when run again has no data to put in those fields
and so blanks them. You can try adding a conditional statement to check for a
value in those fields and if mo value enter the one you need. If there is a
value, leave it there.

Answer #2    Answered By: Alexander Rocha     Answered On: Aug 12

The workflow  has multiple steps, that update  various fields. The final in the
overall process is updating those dates.

Then come a quarterly review, the process is started over again. So in the
initial 3 steps where the workflow updates fields (not dates) and it blanks the
dates out for whatever reason. And I need those dates  to remain if I end up not
updating them on the final step.

The workaround you mentioned, could work to keep updating the date  values
(if/with the values  they are currently) each step of the W.F. But I'm just
baffled as to why they blank  out when I am not referencing them at all.

Answer #3    Answered By: Maggie Benson     Answered On: Aug 12

I'm not quite understanding. Unless you have some sort of pause action in your
workflow, the workflow  will run through the entire process each time it is
invoked, so it will run through all actions for all steps to completion.

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