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Content Sources & Index

  Asked By: Devin    Date: Dec 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 906

Can someone set me straight on a couple of items. I need to index a website and set up alarms when content changes. Seems pretty straight forward but I need a better understanding of "Content Sources" and "Content Indexes".

Content Sources = Physical location where information is stored for your content indexes. This represent a location where content (i.e. my web site I am trying to index) is stored and can be accessed for indexing.

Content Index = Current defaults two content indexes (portal and non-portal). This is content stored in the portal site.

Steps I've taken:
For testing purposes I've created a Content Source called "SCERates".
Added the below monotone link and description.
Limited the depth and hops to 1 each
Assigned it to a Source group called "ScottsTest".
Performed a full update

Did a search for document in the link with 0 results.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tyrone Meyer     Answered On: Dec 13

The word "content source" is used in two different ways: 1) refer to the set  of rules that instructs the Gatherer service on how to crawl a.............2) target of content  from which we want to extract data for the index  file.

The content indexes  are stored  in the file system.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dean Neal     Answered On: Dec 13

Looking back over the SharePoint Summit notes I was able to resolve many of my issues.

Have you ever thought about producing a webinar over Module 11 in MSD2D.com? I know I would find tremendous value in this.

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