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Content-By-Query not showing new compiled audiences?

  Asked By: Clinton    Date: Aug 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 1483

I was wondering if anyone can think of what I am missing here. In MOSS 2007
Enterprise I want to show targeted content on a page based on user opt-in from
their profile in their My Site, so I:

1. Add a profile property to the SSP, "New Property". This makes the
property show up as editable in each user profile so people can opt in to the
property. So far so good.

2. Various users opt-in to the property from their My Site. This works
fine too.

3. Create an audience that tests for the new property, "My New Audience is
defined as: à My New Property = Yes"

4. Compile the audience. This succeeds.

5. Create a custom list and enable it for audiences. This causes the
Target Audiences field to appear as a list field as expected.

6. Add items to the list which specify the new audience in the Target
Audiences field. The new audience shows up in the picker as expected. For
example, I add an item for "My New Audience," and I also add items for "Viewers"
and items for "Portal Owners."

7. Put a Content-By-Query web part on a page, specifying to use the custom
list I created and to show it grouped by audiences and filtered by target

This works perfectly whenever I use a SharePoint group as the target audience,
or the default "All Site Users" audience, but does not seem to work for the new
audience I created. For example, it shows items targeted to "Viewers" and
"Portal Site Owners" but not those targeted to "My New Audience."

Is there something other than audience compilation that I need to force or wait
for in the background for the new audience to show up in the content-by-query,
or am I more likely missing a step somewhere?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Latanya Nieves     Answered On: Aug 16

I discovered what was missing  here: the audience  compilation isn't picking up
members based  on rules that use the new profile  properties I created. The
mechanism works  great with the default  properties in the profile (Interests,
About Me, etc.) but not with new properties that I added.

Anyone have any thoughts on why an audience compilation might not pick up
members using rules based on newly created  profile properties? Is there
something special required for a new profile property  to be picked up in
audience rules? I tried making the properties indexed, but still no luck.

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