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Content Migration API

  Date: Sep 16    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 630

I have had my head down on a hefty application for my new employer for a while. We are building a new app that exposes some data on a separate farm from our internal farms. I have been wrestling with the Content Migration API for a while now and I need help!

We are using the Content Migration API in 2010 to selectively migrate content from our internal site to our external site. Specifically, we only want to migrate list items and documents from particular lists that have our custom column "IsPublic" in their metadata.

In trying to get this working we have the first full migration of content going over well. The next step was to add items, make changes and delete items. Adding works fine. Making changes works fine. But deleting items has stone-walled us. We get the error of "object of type ListItem with Id [guid] that was configured as part of the Export Settings does not exist." It would seem that the item not existing anymore stops it from being able to be added to the manifest.xml in the .CMP file.

How else do you write deleted items to the manifest?! (Other than cracking open the manifest.xml file...if add and update work correctly, shouldn't delete also? Why should we have to break the .CMP file apart, make changes to the XML and re-CAB it back together? That sounds crazy!)

Can anyone offer any help or expertise with this one?



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