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Content migration 2003 -> 2007

  Asked By: Emanuel    Date: Aug 20    Category: MOSS    Views: 909

Could you please point out to me the recommended practices for migrating content
from SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to SharePoint Server 2007?

By content, I mean, the content databases with the site collections of interest.

If you could either point out here or recommend something on the web.



8 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Mauricio Tanner     Answered On: Aug 20

For what it's worth:

We usually recommend *not* migrating everything in bulk, in favor of having
the users themselves bring over their relevant content.

Here's an analogy: when you build a new house, you don't build it around
the old one and hope everything fits. You build in a new location (or
perhaps the old if you're demolishing first), and then take what you want
and place it where it should go in the new house. Along the way, you find
that you don't need a lot of things and they get thrown away or given to
someone else.

Of course there are exceptions, but generally speaking, this approach (a)
puts responsibility in the hands of the business users who actually *care*
about their content, and (b) doesn't bind you to the old way of doing
things. It's a chance to go forward without the baggage of the past, to
cash in on hindsight, to invent new cliches... and it shows you what content
people are actually using.

You'll always have the big sites/libraries that need to be backup/restored
to the new environment, but this should be used only as necessary.

I'd be interested to hear what others have learned from similar experiences.

Answer #2    Answered By: Gina Freeman     Answered On: Aug 20

We're using metalogix to migrate anything we care about (some lists and document
libraries). Everything else is not coming over / we're going to re-do it....

Answer #3    Answered By: Tyrell Nash     Answered On: Aug 20


Take DB backup of Sharepoint 2003 and restored the same in sqlserver 2005.

after that attach the Database to MOSS2007 by using STSADM ADDDB COMMAND.

go to central administration and check for the ContentDb's ..it should come
up with new dbs.

Answer #4    Answered By: Silvia Wilkinson     Answered On: Aug 20

Hey, I liked this one... awesome idea, I would need to go for the trial first
and how knows to suggest within the company later .

Answer #5    Answered By: Candy Walter     Answered On: Aug 20

We are also using Metalogix to convert to MOSS. We have just about
completed our first server (wss 2.0) and are getting ready to work on
our second server. It is a great tool.

Answer #6    Answered By: Leanne Rios     Answered On: Aug 20

That's quite feasible and I'll probably try it sooner or later.

Answer #7    Answered By: Zachary Roberts     Answered On: Aug 20

In my case, I don't need to worry about what to bring with me, I want to do it
with everything, it refers to a publishing site and we now want to store it in

Answer #8    Answered By: Maura Durham     Answered On: Aug 20

There's actually four methods according to the SP
Best Practices. In place, gradual, database copy, and user copy
(windows explorer). I've tried all of the "official" ways and had to
resort to the user copy because I couldn't get the results I wanted.
Granted my 03 layout sucked, lots of customizations and what not. I
also posed this question to a SharePoint MVP and they said just do the
user copy windows explorer method. Citing that if you're environment
sucks in 03, moving that same structure into 07 won't make it any
better. I've read online that people had success with the db copy
method, but that wasn't my experience.

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