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Content Database Management Question

  Asked By: Krista    Date: Jun 21    Category: MOSS    Views: 1371

I am implementing a WSS site provisioning process including locking down all my content databases using quotas and limits. I am trying to prevent ANY of our content databases from growing beyond 25GB and I want strict control over all WSS sites provisioned.

So... For my Finance Portal I have the following Content databases:

Database Name Database Status Current Number of Sites Site Level Warning Maximum Number of Sites
Finance_FREE_10MB_SITE Offline 0 2000 2500
Finance_PREMIUM_825MB_SITE Offline 0 24 30
Finance_STANDARD_350MB_SITE Offline 0 56 70
FinanceP1_SITE Offline 2 9000 15000
Finance_HUGE_2000MB_SITE Offline 0 9 12

Basically my plan to acheive this is that I am going to leave all databases "OFF". When a site needs created, it will be analyzed and created within one of my databases (depending on the projected scale of the site). When the site is created, it will be applied a "Quota Template" that is appropriate for each database that will ensure me my databases cannot grow beyond 25GB. In my head, I am thinking that this will all work... But I have a few questions:

With this, I have the following questions:

Question#1: I plan on keeping all databases Offline and "manually" turning the "appropriate" database online when it comes time to provision a site. Are there any drawbacks to this? I want to ensure that "sites" already existing are still able to add content and sub-sites even though the database is off. (I have tested this minimally and it seems to work).

Question#2: Theorhetically speaking, if all of my databases above were in the "ONLINE" state and I were to create a new WSS site. Where would it go?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Sharonda Mcfarland     Answered On: Jun 21

1) Yes, leave all the databases  set to "offline" and only bring them to "ready"
if you want new sites  to go into them. That works fine.
2) If more than one database  is set to "ready" then WSS will look for ones that
have less Sites than their max. From there I think it tries to equalize them in
regards to how close they are to their max. If one site  has 5 until it's maxes
out and another has 15 the next 10 sites will go into the second. I _think_
that's how it works, but I could be wrong. It would be easy enough to test in a

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