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Connection between Text Filter and 2 depending List View Webparts

  Asked By: Bennie    Date: Aug 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1944

I have 2 depending Lists e.g: Item List and Item Price List. Item Price List depends on the Item List. One Item has serveral prices (Price in US, Euro, ..). The list have a relationship via Item No. The relation is not based on a lookup. This are only text-fields. The data comes from 3rd party system via Excel.
The idea is, that a user inserts a "product family no" in a webpart page. After he press the apply buttton he will receive all items within the family including the serveral prices. Then the user selects an item and the depending webpart will show the item details like description, prerequisits. etc.

On the webpart page there are 4 Webparts (Text Filter, Filter Action (Apply Filters) and the mentioned 2 Lists
Between the "Text Filter"-Webpart and the "Item Price List" is a Connections / Send Filters Value to
The Text Filter has a default value of 0, so the user has to insert a correct value to see the prices.
If I insert a value in the Text Filter, press Apply Filters the first filter works fine
Between the "Item Price List" and the "Item List" is another connection to get the detailed description

I made a connection between the Price List via "Provide Row To" to get the details in the Item List.
Afterthat I get some bullets in front of each price, which is fine.
After that I close the web part page and start this again.

The Text Filter is 0 (is fine)
The Item Price List doesn't show any Item (is fine)
The Item List shows all rows (is not fine) It should be blank like the Item Price List



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Answer #1    Answered By: Richard Allen     Answered On: Aug 17

I think it is by design, when the provider web  part is empty, it cannot send  row to the source web part  and cannot filter  the source web part.