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Connected Pages (MCMS) in SharePoint 2007 WCM

  Asked By: Bobbi    Date: Mar 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 1444

I have a problem that I need help with. I want to be able to create one page and have that page appear (or be replicated) in different areas of the same site (with navigation based on replicated location). All the while maintaining one copy of the underlying content so that the content authors only have to maintain one copy of the page content. I saw the following discussion here (and its the exact same problem that I have): social.technet.microsoft.com/.../ and it was answered but I am unclear as to what the answer was?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Shushma Zariwala     Answered On: Mar 16

There are levels you can take to this type of implementation. I've gotten requests for this type of implementation many times, and I venture to guess that the techniques described in the post you linked may not get you to the type of solution your looking for.

Generally, SharePoint is setup so that content lives in a single location and the user's generally browse that content from that single location. You can use web parts to surface content into other areas, but SharePoint does not really support hiding the real location of the content out of the box. For example, if the user performs a search, they'll get a result that links them to the original location of the content.

So, assuming you need to completely hide the physical location of the content, this type of solution is typically more complex and usually involves some custom development, including:
Custom Publishing Layout pages  that allow you to specify the "locations" where the information would show. In most solutions of this type, it becomes simpler to think of all your "globally visible content" as 100% publishing pages. The more types of lists you use, the more functionality you'll have to override in order to effectively hide the actual storage locations of your content. So, plan on creating custom layouts for "Documents", "Articles", etc. These layouts will have to be customized enough to remove anything that would allow the user to link back to the "junk drawer" of content where the content is actually stored.
Web Parts that read the "published location" meta-data from the central store and filter the list of content displayed based on the users current location. This is the mechanism that surfaces the content in the "published locations".
Decide whether your "locations" are physical (separate sites in the same site collection for example) or virtual (you have an XML document with a tree structure of sites). For the latter, you'll need to develop a custom SiteMapProvider to make the SharePoint navigation match your tree structure. I recommend sticking with the physical though as it will allow you to mix your "globally visible content" with contextual/locale content that just uses out of the box SharePoint functionality like Document Libraries and Discussion lists.
Updates to the search results XSLT for the site(s) so that search results can use the "location" meta-data for each search result to display the "published locations" - rather than the actual location of the content.
This is typically not a trivial task to implement properly, so give some consideration to the "minimal requirements". I recommend sticking with the out of the box functionality as much as you can if you can convince the project stakeholders.

Hope this at least gives you some more ideas about what you might need to build - good luck!

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