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Confusion of terms: web part

  Asked By: Madison    Date: Feb 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1331

The exchange below points out a possible confusion of terms (which I often
see, and sometimes commit): the term "webpart" is used to mean "a .dwp or
.webpart file that can be installed and used to create a display in a web
part zone on a web part page" -- informally, at least, it could be
considered a "class"; it's also used for an instance of that class, as
instantiated to be run in a particular web part zone on a particular web
part page.

What's even more confusing, the term "web part" is often used when what is
really meant is the list or library on which the web part provides a view.
I suspect that this last is the meaning intended in both the question and
the reply below, but it took me a while to come to that notion.

Perhaps Microsoft made this last confusion worse in their "Add a Web Part"
interface; there is a "class" for each list and library in the site, as
well as the more general classes. So the name "Shared Documents" is a
library name, but it is also a web part class name (at least in the UI), on
a par with "Content Editor Web Part". If they had chosen instead to have a
"Library View" web part, in which the specific library was a parameter to
set, this confusion could have been largely avoided.

This is just a heads-up; I am far from believing that there's any way to
control how people use terminology. But those who care might make an extra
effort to distinguish these different meanings in use.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Lionel Phelps     Answered On: Feb 08

Actually, that's not true. To add  a webpart  to a page  you need 3

1) There must be a .dwp or .webpart file  that describes the name  or
strong name of a .dll and the class  in the .dll that contains the
executable code to be run  to instantiate the webpart on the page.

2) You must have loaded the .dll either in the bin directory of the
web application or the GAC

3) You must have a SafeControl entry in the web.config of the web
application that identifies the .dll as 'Safe' to run.

There is no "Shared Documents" web  part. There is a ListView webpart
whose name property is set to "Shared Documents" that is used to display
the Shared Documents library. I agree with you about the confusion
between displaying a list  and the ListView webpart that is actually used
to display  the list. But the point of the reply  is that there is a
specific webpart .dll called a content  query web part  that can be used
to display the contents of a list from one site  on another site. The
original request was clearly asking how to display a ListView webpart
from one site on another site. To the best of my knowledge this is
impossible. And the class used for every list and library  is actually
an SPList object class and has nothing to do with webparts. As to a
Library View Webpart, all lists and libraries are displayed using a
ListView webpart that is automatically configured and added to the
gallery when you instantiate the list. That way you don't need to set a
parameter that points  to a particular library. The content query web
part is a more generic webpart that does have that kind of parameter.

Answer #2    Answered By: Marlon Colon     Answered On: Feb 08

Thanks very much for the clarification. I understand much better now.

Answer #3    Answered By: Pierre Copeland     Answered On: Feb 08

A lot of people  are confused by exactly what webparts

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