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Concurrent changes to uploaded documents by multiple users.

  Asked By: Diamond    Date: Jan 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2717

My customer has the following requirement:

He wants to know if the following can be accomplished
using SharePoint Portal 2003:

His users should be able to upload files to the Portal

- If customer A uploads document 1 to the Portal

- And customer B also needs to upload a document2 to
the portal

- And customer A shouldn’t be able to see/access
Customer B’s documents

- But also there are Hundreds of customers

- But the employees of his organization needs to have
access to all files/folders/document libraries

- Also once they upload files their login ID (Temp
one) needs to get expired/deleted and they should not
be able to log back into the portal again.

Does anyone of you have any idea/code snippet/link
which can point to a solution?



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