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Complex Documents in SharePoint

  Asked By: Reginald    Date: Aug 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 934

I've found a way to upload complex documents such as web pages with
multiple graphics. There has long been a windows setting that
combines an html page such as Example.html with a resource folder
for it with the same name + _files behind it - thus the resource
folder would be named Example_files.

If I upload a new document to a Document Library and use the upload
multiple files option, I can select the Example.html file, and the
system will prompt me to make sure I want to upload all the files in
the resource folder. The page continues to work in SharePoint, but
SharePoint will not show this folder to users through the browser.
You can however view it through webdav or FrontPage. Any ideas what
is stoppping this folder from being viewable in the browser? Is
this an acceptable way to put these complex documents into
SharePoint if you are unable to see the folder?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: James Miller     Answered On: Aug 09

Without wishing to state the obvious, can you please just check by
checking properties in one of the webpages. My gut feeling is that the
pictures work  as they are being pulled from your local drive

Answer #2    Answered By: Collin Griffith     Answered On: Aug 09

Double Checked - and they are visible from another PC. They are also visible in FrontPage, but nowhere else.

In Windows Explorer folder  options I have it set to "show both parts but manage as a single file"

Answer #3    Answered By: Scott Nelson     Answered On: Aug 09

If you want an HTML page  to be viewable as a single document  in a
document library, I believe that you must save it as a Single file  Web
Page (an MHT file). I tried creating and uploading into a document
library a Word and an Excel document both with images and it seemed to
work very well. However, I can't suggest what the eventual pitfalls
might be.

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