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Complete listing of databases used by MOSS 2007 portal

  Asked By: Helen    Date: Mar 03    Category: MOSS    Views: 2480

We are currently migrating to MOSS 2007 and have had several iterations
of MOSS 2007 installed. Our SQL server is currently overloaded and I
have been tasked to cleaning up the old databases. However, MOSS 2007
creates tons of databases. I have been looking around in Central
Administration making notes of the content database currently being used
but I want to make sure I am not deleting something that is needed.

Does anyone have any tricks or tips to get a complete listing of the
databases that are currently being used. Does printing out the backup
screen give you a complete listing of the all the databases?

Just some background, we have one portal and a records center in a
separate web applications.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Silvia Wilkinson     Answered On: Mar 03

Good evening. This article should help you a lot.

Basically you can run an Enum on the web app for the content DBs.

Answer #2    Answered By: Candy Walter     Answered On: Mar 03

You can enumerate the content databases  per Web app, but it takes old-fashioned
hunt and peck for the rest.

You will have content databases for every Web app. These can be found from
Central Admin -> Application Management - > Content databases. Just go through
the drop-down list and document.

Then, you will have Shared Services databases. These are found in Shared
Services properties from Central Admin -> Application Management -> Shared
Services Properties. Choose edit properties about the SSP, but don't go to the
admin site collection. You will have an SSP database and a Search database for
each SSP listed in the SSP properties page.

You also have a central admin content database as well. If you didn't script
your install, it is a long ugly GUID and should be easy to find in SQL Server
mgmt studio

Last, but not least, you have your Configuration database. Hopfully, you don't
have more than one in SQL...

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