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Combining Sites in MOSS2007 (Intranet)

  Date: May 30    Category: MOSS    Views: 787

I have been directed to combine 4 sites' (and many subsites) content into 1 new
site to facilitate a reorganization. My contention was that we just move them
under one new site using Manage Content and Structure and link to the existing
content on the New sites' home page. Apparently this is not good enough. These
aren't team sites either. They are Portal level departmental sites in a local
govt intranet. There are so many problems I foresee with this directive, but I
wanted to get someone else's perspective and thoughts on if this would even be
possible without hundreds if not thousands of hours of work. First issues I see
are redundant library names, link integrity, anyone ever finding anything they
are used to using. Oh did I mention this includes our entire IT and HR



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Answer #1    Answered On: May 30    

Have you considered a migration tool like metalogix, avepoint or some other?
Typically those tools are used for upgrading an environment from 2007 to 2010,
but they do serve well for reorganizing information architechture within the
same platform.

Answer #2    Answered On: May 30    

I'm currently dealing with this with a reorganization - and I inherited a poorly
organizaed site topology. I currently have sites based on functionality buried
underneath organizational sites. Alos, most of the original content was buried
under one large site collection (and content database).

First I had to create multiple site collections - each in its own content d/b.
Use 'stsadm -o createsiteinnewdb' to do this.
Second, I used SharePoint Designer to backup the old sites, then I restored them
in the new site collections. See the

Answer #3    Answered On: May 30    

so in that situation they would what, get restored to one site/site
collection? Currently ALL of these sites are part of the same site collection.

Answer #4    Answered On: May 30    

I have thought about that, and I think we actually have a license for something
like that in IT. My other concern is how to provide all the ways people could
possibly get to these sites now. Staging this is another concern.

Answer #5    Answered On: May 30    

A few things to consider

Each *site collection*
- must be stored in a single *content database*
- has a size limit (search for sizing guidelines)
- has its own distinct set of users - each allocated an ID within the *site

The use of a separate *site collection* for say HR and IT has a number of
- gives you room for growth of content
- helps ensure that users from IT don't get access to HR stuff - by mistake

Moving four *site collections* into one *site collection*
- may mean that you cannot satisfy some key business requirements
- relating to the previous points

You can
- retain four *site collections* and
- just change the *managed path* used for each *site collection*
- to make the URI for each *site collection* appear to reflect the re-org
e.g. web-app.company.com/new-org/site-collection-#1

If you do need to move to a single *site collection*
- people have already made some suggestions on how to do this

Answer #6    Answered On: May 30    

these are all 4 SITES. Not site collections. The entriety of our
intranet is in 1 site collection.

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