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Column in doc lib: Need to link to another document - best way to do this?

  Asked By: Ralph    Date: Apr 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 910

I need to have a column for linking to another document in the document library.

A classic example of this would be where I have:

Form and Instructions

So a form called "IT Security Access Request" would have a single corresponding instructions document.

I want to link the form to the instruction document and the instruction document to the form it provides instructions for.

I was thinking that adding a new column to a document library would be the way to do this so when the form or instructions are uploaded the person links them to the counterpart.

My question is what is the BEST way to make that happen?

I could use a URL type, but what if the document name changes, or the site moves, or the document gets tossed into another folder, etc...?

Is there a way I can link it directly to the document's ID so that provided it stays inside the document library it can move to different places IN that library and the link will still hold?

I would like the hyperlink to display in the column with a friendly name if possible and then be a link so when the user clicks on that column's entry it just takes them to that document.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Elisha Abbott     Answered On: Apr 22

You could do it via a lookup column  which links  based on ID but if you move  a the library  you'll lose the connection. Another option if you don't need the features of the document  library would be to use an item with attachments.