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CollectFeedbackWorkflow in 'unofficial' ECM Starter Kit for B2 TR

  Asked By: Grace    Date: Jul 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1380

Rather new to workflow. Started with the 'CollectFeedbackWorkflow' provided in the 'unofficial' ECM Starter Kit for B2 TR at blogs.msdn.com/.../ECM-Starter-Kit-for-B2TR.aspx. Encountered some problems which I hope someone can advise.



Actions taken and Question

When the sample 'CollectFeedbackWorkflow' workflow is started manually, a permission denied is reported for the WFInit.aspx page. This is encountered when an user with contribute permission is used.

The contribute permission level has to be added with 'Manage List' rights. Any advise why this is the case?

Although the 'CollectFeedbackWorkflow' has been associated to start for a major version, it however cannot be triggered automatically using the 'Submit for Approval' button. The system try to load the 'IniWrkFlIp.aspx' page when the initiation page declared in workflow.xml is 'Wfinit.aspx'.

Currently starting the workflow manually. How can I associate the startup form? During the workflow association phase, the following:
is added into the workflow.xml to allow the workflow to associate with a major versioning.

During a workflow process and the 'View Page Task' button is clicked, missing 'WrktaskIP.aspx' is reported to be missing

Not sure how to add this form into workflow.xml



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