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Collapsible Quick Launch - Sites

  Date: Oct 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1252

I've been trying to find a Collapsible Quick Launch Menu solution. I've found
the one at this link, and another that installs as a feature.


They both essentially work the same, except they don't expand or collapse the
sites on the quick launch. They just work for lists. Any idea if it's possible
to modify it to work for sites too?



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Answer #1    Answered On: Oct 30    

Oh BTW, I'm running a SP2007 site.

Answer #2    Answered On: Oct 30    

There are a number of ways. Try this:

Answer #3    Answered On: Oct 30    

Just like the other solutions, this works for lists but not sites!

Answer #4    Answered On: Oct 30    

Not certain why you are saying that. I used this to set the masterpage
for my SITE to collapse the quick launch and cause the entries to fly
out. Wherever the masterpage and a Quick Launch are gathered in
SharePoint's name the collapsing Quick Launch is found in the midst of

What's the issue?

Answer #5    Answered On: Oct 30    

On the Quick Launch Menu the headings are Surveys, Pictures, Documents, Lists,
Discussions, Sites, and People and Groups. The popout works for all headings but
the last two. I can understand why it doesn't work for People and Groups as
that's just a link to the permissions area. So I assume that the collection of
sites is different than the collection of lists. Or maybe I've something fouled
up somewhere else!

Answer #6    Answered On: Oct 30    

Perhaps. You could go to the Quick Launch settings and select the edit
button for the Sites heading. If the text for the link is not grayed out
then it was added by hand. If that's the case then maybe you don't have
the right one there to use (perhaps...there could be other issues) so go
add a fake site and make sure to set it to be added to the Quick Launch.
That will add the proper Sites heading to the Quick Launch. Remember to
delete the fake site. You just want the heading it automatically

Honestly, I can't understand why it wouldn't work. I've added a few
Quick Launch headings/items and they collapse just like the SharePoint
created stuff.

Answer #7    Answered On: Oct 30    

Wow, I just looked at the Navigation setting on my home site and saw that below
Sites there were none there. So I added one and it showed up! Thanks

Answer #8    Answered On: Oct 30    

Is it possible to display sites under those sub-sites? Sort of like a 2 tier
quick launch?

Answer #9    Answered On: Oct 30    

Quick Launch doesn't give you the option of multiple levels the way
Global Nav does. You'd have to bolt on something that would grab them from
the SP API and add them to the DOM.

Answer #10    Answered On: Oct 30    

The only place I know you can do that is in the Top Link Bar because it
is built in to do that; it references sites and their subsites and their
subsites, etc... The procedure there is the same for that Asp:Menu
object. The Quick Launch doesn't do it like that because there are
explicitly only two ways to display stuff over there using the
SharePoint Quick Launch: headings and links.

You could build a custom menu structure through code to replace the
Quick Launch!

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