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Changing user display names in MOSS 2007

  Asked By: Stella    Date: Oct 28    Category: MOSS    Views: 3229

I've been poking around the SharePoint database structure to try and
figure out how to properly change the display names listed for a
particular user. I've figured out how to make the change to the
display name in the upper right-hand corner by modifying the tp_Title
column associated with a particular user name in the UserInfo table.

However, I also want to change the display name that is shown in
"Created By" and "Modified By" columns in lists - for instance, due to
some account changes, my account currently is shown under three
separate display names - "Peter Ellis", "Person", and "P. Ellis". I
want to change all of those to read "Peter Ellis" for consistency.
The closest I've gotten to identifying where this data might be stored
is the tp_Author and tp_Editor columns in the AllUserData table, but I
can't figure out where that information is being pulled from.

Anyone know the SharePoint databases better than I do and can point me
to the proper table to modify for this?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Bernice Puckett     Answered On: Oct 28

other than modifying the table did you find a solution?

Answer #2    Answered By: Mackenzie Lewis     Answered On: Oct 28

First off, you should never, ever edit the databases directly. Never.
Don't do it. Period. Never.

If you're using the MOSS the Profile Import should take care of this, if
all three users are the same. Can you verify that the import is running
successfully? Have there been any full imports since this problem
showed up?

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