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Changing URL in e-mails from Sharepoint Services 2.0 Server

  Asked By: Wendy    Date: Jan 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2103

I've inherited a Sharepoint Services 2.0 server from a collegue, and neither
of us are particularly au-fait with the technology, although we are both IT
professionals - I've just never used Sharepoint, and he only knew enough to
get it running.

The server is not attached to a domain, and does not have a DNS resolvable
name, so is identified by IP address only.

The server is running within a VMWare, which has recently moved home - and
with it, IP address. While we can still work on the website, whenever it
sends out e-mails, it still has the old IP address.

I've had a look in the SQL databases, and performed a search on all the
files on the drive for the IP address string ( to try and change
it to the new IP address (, but I can't find it... has anyone done
this before and can give me some pointers, or am I stuck?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tina Owens     Answered On: Jan 10

I figured it out - and it's a bit of a weird one...

Assuming you followed the defaults, open SQL's "Enterprise Manager" and
ensure that you have the following server  loaded: Localhost\Sharepoint (or
your machine name\sharepoint - I've got the machine name, but localhost
might work).

Click on "Databases" and select STS_MachineName_1 (or something which looks
like it) then select tables.

Right click on "ImmedSubscriptions" and select Open Table > Query.

In the box which appears, it may be split into four sections, but if not,
and you can't see the text "SELECT * FROM [dbo].[ImmedSubscriptions]" right
click on the box and select Show Panes > SQL.

Delete the text in the box showing "SELECT"... and change it to "UPDATE
ImmedSubscriptions SET SiteUrl='" WHERE SiteUrl='' " and then either click on the Red Exclamation Mark (!)
or right click and select "Run".

You'll get a dialog which says "This affected x rows". Click OK and then
test it.