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Changing site-columns used as lookups ?

  Date: Sep 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 626

I posted this 1-2 wks ago, did not get any answer. Either my Q was not clear or it cannot be done.

How do you change the values used of a choice box in a site column which is used as a lookup in various site-collection lists and have the new values propagate to all site-collection lists? (MOSS 2007)

Example: site col has abc,xyz as choices, and I want all abc to become lmn, and all xyz to become zzz everywhere in site-collection.

3rd party took? central admin? impossible?



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Answer #1    Answered On: Sep 16    

It is all a bit confusing

· mainly because the terminology used by SharePoint is not self-explanatory

· unless you understand a fair bit about how it is all implemented.

I have described one way to do what you want - with some explanation about the underlying implementation.

Answer #2    Answered On: Sep 16    

If these are actually Site Columns, then you should be able to go to Site Actions > Site Settings and select Site Columns from the Galleries section.
Find and edit the site column to reflect your changes to the selection list & make sure the Radio Button "Update all list columns based on this site column" is set to Yes before clicking OK.
I believe this will update everywhere in the scenario you described because you are changing the EXISTING selection item. I couldn't test it now, which you should do prior to changing your production system.

Answer #3    Answered On: Sep 16    

You are going to have to do this through some kind of console app or
third-party tool. First, you'll have to change the source list. Then
you'll have to find all references to the list's column in your site
collection. For each one you have to check for the index (listitem Id)
in the lookup value and then doublecheck the source list. You should be
able to commit the new index/string combination to the
currentListItem.Field[] calling SPListItem.SystemUpdate(); to keep the
original CreatedBy and ModifiedBy data.

If it's not too many you could do it all by hand through Datasheet
View. Filter/sort down to only the entries you want and then choose the
new selection from the dropdown. Grab the corner and pull it down like
copying down cells in Excel.

Answer #4    Answered On: Sep 16    

your suggestion makes sense if one is starting from scratch, but I
need a way to do edits in our existing structure. We have ~80 lists spread
over ~80 sites whose "lookuped site column" we would like to edit.

Answer #5    Answered On: Sep 16    

I think my problem (given that I want all abc to become xyz) is that I deleted
abc from the site-column choices and in its visible slot added xyz, thereby
destroying the ID that was associated with abc. Maybe if I just try to
re-spell abc to be xyz it would propagate to all used in site-collection?

Answer #6    Answered On: Sep 16    

Well that would make sense if it is actually a site column. That's the
purpose of site columns and inheritance. However, if you simply were
using a regular choice column then I don't think you will be able to
push inheritance. But, if you are using an actual list as a lookup
column and then converted that to a site column then you would be in
luck. You would simply change the text of the abc list item to xyz and
then propagate those changes to the rest of the collection. As far as
SharePoint is concerned it is only looking for the ID to make the
comparison when it is dealing with a lookup column.

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