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changing permissions on forms

  Asked By: Palak    Date: Mar 31    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1290

I have a form that needs to be filled out, and once submitted, change the
permission so that the user group that creates and submits the forms can no
longer read the forms. This is for an evaluation. I assume that I have to give
contribute rights to the forms library for that group so they can create the
forms, and that I need to change the permission on the individual form so no one
in the contributor group can see for forms, once they are submitted. Is that
assumption correct? Do I need to start a workflow that will change the
permission? Any pointers or other suggestions on how to accomplish that?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Anu K     Answered On: Mar 31

This scenario comes up from time to time. You'll need to create  an event
handler that changes the permissions  upon submission of the item. You might
need to do a little searchin to find what you're looking for. But you'll
have to write custom code to do it.

Answer #2    Answered By: Josie Barron     Answered On: Mar 31

yes you will need a workflow  to do that. In that workflow you will have a custom
activity that add and remove permission  accordingly.

If you are using MOSS 2007, there is a cutom activity on Codeplex for

For SharePoint 2010, the activity is available out of the box.

The problem part is that document creator always have read  rights on the
document, even if the read rights  are taken away. But you can use versioning and
draft item security to let the user  see the changes he made, and not the changes
made by any other user until documentis approved. Explore the Versioning
Settings of the document/ form  library. I am sure it is a zero custom code

Answer #3    Answered By: Tamika Cummings     Answered On: Mar 31

Although workflows can be used to do this it is an inefficient way to accomplish
the task. Workflows require a lot of overhead that isn’t needed when what
needs to happen can be completely automated. In this case an EventReciever is a
much better solution.
You can drive a nail with a wrench if you try, but that doesn’t make it the
right tool.

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