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Changing multiple subsites with same structure

  Asked By: Marni    Date: Jul 25    Category: WSS    Views: 1569

Hi All,

I'm a bit of a newbie so please forgive me if the answer to this one's obvious....

We are running WSS 3.0. We have information we store regarding each of our clients and so have created a "Client Documentation" site template and used this to create multiple subsites in our site collection. So these subsites all have the same structure. The structure includes 6 lists and 2 document libraries. The lists have content columns and types defined in the parent site to allow us to change list content all at once.

My problem is this...
The default.aspx for each client subsite contains webparts for each of the lists and document libraries. When we add a new column or change list structure, the only way I know to update these web parts to view 'all items' instead of their previous view is through manually updating each client subsite - too slow! This is actually just part of a larger problem of how to manage changes in general for these client subsites as there are now too many for manual changes to be cost effective. What is the best way to manage change for all of these subsites? If I need to start again and structure the site differently to make change management easier, I'd really like a heads up before I get too far down the track.

I have access to most microsoft products and management are okay with upgrading if the features I'm looking for are not available in WSS 3.0.

Thanks so much for your help.




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Answer #1    Answered By: Vladi Gubler     Answered On: Jul 26

We had exactly the same problem, this is a SharePoint limitation due to the whole paradigm of independent sites. The best solution we could come up with was to create  (develop) a unified UI site  that shows information  from a specific data site (using a URL parameter telling it what site to show). This is not easy, but if you are careful, it can really make the management much easier

Another approach I've seen was to use/develop some kind of utility to copy changes from one site to all the other sites, not easy, as there are many possible changes you have to support.

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