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Changin URLs

  Asked By: Krista    Date: Jan 25    Category: MOSS    Views: 849

I had a question verifying if there was a tool or anything along the
lines that would change URLs within a site. We are migrating from a
WSS 3.0 environment to a MOSS environment. A worry that we have now
is that there are currently thousands of team sites and subwebs. When
we migrate the team sites to the MOSS environment, we are making them
top level sites. The worry comes in where we are looking to see how
we mitigate the issue of hard coded URLs that a user placed in their
Here is an example, most of the users would display an image from
their image library on their site and instead of using "<./image
library/image.jpg> they would use the full URL.

This places a problem because in the MOSS environment the URLs are
completely changing. In the WSS environment there really is only 1
web app with 5 managed paths. Now we are going to have 6 web apps and
no managed paths. Example of the current environtment:
https://<FQDN>/corp/sites/<user site>
Example of the new environment will be
https://sharepoint.domain.com/sites/<user site>

as you can see, we are going to use Host Headers. We need to see if
there is a tool that will go through the DBs (or sites) and identify
which sites have the FQDN and replace that URL with the new URL.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jolene Sandoval     Answered On: Jan 25

The migration itself should handling rewriting the majority of the links
- as long as they are contained in a list, library  or OOTB web  part
(e.g. content editor) they should be done as part of the process. The
ones you'll need to worry about are any contained in custom web parts or
links embedded within documents/attachments.

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