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Change WSS 3.0 Port on existing SharePoint Site

  Asked By: Alec    Date: Aug 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2721

How do you change the port on an existing SharePoint site?

For instance, I have a site that is on port 81. But I want to change
it to 8081 or something like that (pick your port number!) :-)

If I change it in IIS, I just get the default website, like the site
isn't registered anymore.

How can I accomplish changing a port number on an existing website?

The only way I can think of off hand is to create a new sharepoint
website, do a backup of the old site, and restore, but I'm sure there
has to be an alternative that is easier then this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Yvonne Rodriquez     Answered On: Aug 05

I need to setup a one-to-many relationship between two
lists. There's a 3rd party webpart from
BambooSolutions that claims to provide the necessary
referential integrity. Has anyone tried this product?
Or does anyone have another solution to recommend?

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