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How to change the URL of "My Site", from default.aspx to my custom?

  Asked By: Jordon    Date: Oct 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 13745

As we know, if we click on the "My Site" link in Sharepoint portal
site, or just type http://server/MySite
then, it opens the page "default.aspx" (i.e

But I want to change this URL to my own custom aspz page,
say "mypage.aspx". In this page, i want to have a button, onclick of
whic, the actual My SIte (default.aspx) should be displayed. How to
do this?

Also, do u know where the mapping (clicking of "My SIte" is
automatically mapped to default.aspx") is done? Where can I edit
this mapping, to change the URL?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Devon Welch     Answered On: Oct 23

Why does it have to be named mypage.aspx? Why not backup the existing
default.aspx page  and modify that page to do what you want?

Answer #2    Answered By: Sridhar Tantry     Answered On: Oct 23

I will tell u my requirement.

I want to design "My Site" using 2 horizontal Frames (10% 90%),
using <frameset>. The top frame (10%), will allways display
header.aspx page, (custom developed). It has links to other
enterprise SPS applications. The bottom frame (90%), will display
actual "My Site" (default.aspx) page. When u click  on any of the
links in header frame, that application should be opened in the
bottom frame, but the header frame should remain.

We can't do this by modifying the default.aspx itself. In this case,
the bottom frmae should point to the same page  (default.aspx), whcih
will not serve the purpose.

So, what I thought is, when U click on "My Site", in the top level
SPS site, take u to a different page, say  mypage.aspx. The
mypage.aspx wll be having 2 frames. The top frame always poiints to
header.aspx, the bottom frame displays default.aspx (the My SIte).

Is the requirement clear to you?

So, I want to know  how can we cyhnage the URL of "My Site" on top
level share[point portal site?

Answer #3    Answered By: Jonathan Justice     Answered On: Oct 23

You have to edit the database in order to change  the default.aspx to
some orther aspx  page, but I will not recommend that.

Insted, put som c# code at the top of the mysite/default.aspx, that
redirects to your custom.aspx page.
When your custom.aspx page  is done, it can link  to default.aspx with
some parameter that tells the c# script on default.aspx, that it
shall not redirect back to custom.aspx.