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  Asked By: Krista    Date: Jul 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1736

I'm supporting a WSS site for a company. So far all the URL are
like wss.companyname.com/dept1, wss1.companyname.com/dept2 ... But
today I got a SharePoint ticket saying to add ID to webstore. And its
URL is like http://chess.intranet.companyname.com. I don't whether
this is a WSS site or not. Also it doesn't look like usual sharepoint
site. (They may have designed using FrontPage.)But my doubt is, is it
possible to name the site like this.
(http:chess/intranet.companyname.com). Please explain me this. I
trying to search in internet but I don't get anything properly.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Titus Sweet     Answered On: Jul 30

If you put /_layouts/1033/settings.aspx (assuming English) are you taken to the
site's settings? If so, Sharepoint. If not, probably not Sharepoint.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jagdish Joshi     Answered On: Jul 30

I tried the way you said... but its giving me an error as "The
resource cannot be found". But, I think this is a SharePoint site
designed using FrontPage. I don't know to add  users to this site.

Answer #3    Answered By: Christop Mcfadden     Answered On: Jul 30

Personally, I don’t think it is a sharepoint  site

If you go to a command prompt and type

Ping wss1.companyname.com

And press return it will tell you the ip address of the machine hosting those sub sites

If you do the same for this, go to a command prompt and type

Ping chess.intranet.companyname.com

And press return, you will get the ip address of the server hosting this set of sites

At least this will show you the machine that these sites sit on – you can then go to that machine and see if its running wss  – if its not, it’s a bit of a no brainer

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