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Change Category Location bug in SPS v2.0 beta 2

  Asked By: Kara    Date: Sep 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1541

Anyone familiar with changing a category for a 'category document
library' in SPS v.0 beta 2?
While saving the category, the 'category document library'
change will
not actually change from the default Home location.

So, while changing the category in 'Select a portal
category for this
document library' the category is still Home.

We want to share a 'category document library' with
several different
(team) sites for establishing a simple' workflow. Separate
permissions on views within the site must show related xml
files and
their style sheets.

If you have other suggestions in setting his up in SPs
v2.0 beta 2,



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Answer #1    Answered By: Roxanna Hendricks     Answered On: Sep 12

several relevant points:
1) Changing the category  in "Select a portal category --" does not 'move'
the document  library. It simply produces and 'listing' reference in the
other Areas you check (and you can uncheck the 'Home' location). The
'listing' is just the url and it can by displayed on the new Area by adding
the "Grouped Listings" web part.

2) It is always a good idea to give every "Document Library" you create a
unique name (easier to manage:
-->Site Settings, -->Manage security and additional settings, -->Manage
storage space allocation)

3) If you subsequently delete the 'Document Library' the 'Listing'
references remain in the locations where you selected/added portal

4) You can control 'permissions' at the 'Document Library' (adding/selecting
Interest Groups) and/or at the Area/Subarea using 'Manage Security' (-->Site
Settings, -->Manage portal site  structure, 'Manage Security is part of the
edit drop-down on the Area listings).

5) The best place to control 'permissions' to all navigational elements on
the portal is -->Site Settings, -->Manage portal site structure, -->Under
the "Views" click "All Areas".

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