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How to chage the Layout of the pages?

  Asked By: Diamond    Date: Apr 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 828

1.how to chage the layout of the pages ?

when I login as coordinator, i can see layout option on top,

but using that i can only rearange the webparts on particular page,

i want to change the basic layout of the page.

2. can we have multiple layout ?

mutiple layout means we can then select the layout for any page.



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jack Carroll     Answered On: Apr 06

The 'Layout' link (which is http://server/workspace/Portal/?Cmd=Layout
<http://server/workspace/Portal/?Cmd=Layout> ) lets you arrange the
locations of the web parts in relation to themselves and the main frames --
top, bottom and three middle panes.

The 'Content' link (which is http://server/workspace/Portal/?Cmd=Content
<http://server/workspace/Portal/?Cmd=Content> ) lets you add web parts,
change the settings of web parts like fixed height/width, color scheme, and
parameters of the web parts themselves.

The 'Settings' link (which is http://server/workspace/Portal/?Cmd=Open
<http://server/workspace/Portal/?Cmd=Open> ) lets you change  the settings of
the dashboard itself, like color scheme, which logo to use in the upper
left-hand corner, cascading style sheets, etc. This helps you make
dashboards use a common theme. Perhaps this is what you were looking for?

For example, I edited spsdash.css to suit my own purposes because this is
the css that all new dashboards use by default. Instead of applying a new
css to each new dashboard, I just edited that one. Now all my dashboards
have the same fonts, color, logos, kerning, etc.

As far as I know, you can't easily save the "Layout" of a dashboard as a
named set and re-use. I'm sure the properties of the dashboards are saved
somewhere and you could programmatically fetch them and apply to other
dashboards, but it would require exact web part contents I would think.

However, I'd be surprised if the "Settings" of a dashboard weren't saved on
an object somewhere that you could get to. But I don't mess with SPPS
programmatically, so I don't know for sure.

Check Microsoft's newsgroup for development (msnews.microsoft.com as the
server and microsoft.public.sharepoint.portalserver.development as the
newsgroup) and also the resource kit, page  39 and Appendix B. You might
need the Digital Dashbaord Resource Kit (msdn.microsoft.com) to do some of

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