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CBQ and Blog Posts not posting comments, field not found problem

  Date: Oct 13    Category: MOSS    Views: 1708

I am able to wire a blog site post list to a CBQ as long as I am pointing the
CBQ to the exact post list in the blog.
If I try to the post and comments from a site above the blog site the CBQ fails
and tells me that there is no field called # Comments, which doesn't' make any
sense to me.

To better try to explain this, in the CBQ properties, I am setting the Show
items from the following site and all sub sites: to point to a site that is not
a blog site, but has blog sites under it.

In the content type I am choosing List content types and posts.
In the itemsytle.xsl I have a template that exposes the numcomments field. in
the view fields under the numcomments field I put # comments; for the field from
the posts I am trying to get.

I get the following error:
site or list column "# comments" does not exist or is not valid.

When I link directly to the blog site and the post list, I get back all the
results I am expecting.

I tried adding a site content type on the top level site for # comments but of
course that fails due to the #.

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this?



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