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Categorize documents that are not in the workspace

  Asked By: Pamela    Date: Apr 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1496

has anyone a clue for how I can categorize documents that are not in the
workspace of SPS but on a share??? This is a crucial featrue we need to find



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Answer #1    Answered By: Taylor Clark     Answered On: Apr 01

With complete respect, I'm not sure this is right.

Its true that you have to publish documents  to the web store to categorise
them manually. However, you might want to use the Category Assistant to do
automated categorisation of documents over the file share.

As I understand it you have to create a set of training documents to be used
by the CA for categorising documents within the file share. These can either
be trained within SPS by publishing the training docs themselves and then
using the CA; or alternatively you can publishing "empty" documents that
contain web links that point to the relevant training documents held within
the file share. These empty docs are published with document profiles and
the relevant categories within the workspace  are assigned to them. When you
do a full index this then trains the CA to associate the relevant terms to
be associated with the category.

After either method, once CA training is complete, you need to do a full
index to include these documents automatically in the relevant categories.

All this is described in Chapter 29 of the Resource Book.

The main issues with this appear to be the following:

1. I haven't yet used the CA myself (although I intend to experiment) and
I'm not sure you can do this on a limited sub-set of categories. i.e. it
may operate over the whole workspce and disrupt your manually categorised
documents - placing thme in additional categories.

2. If your file share  is very large then this may overwhelm the number of
docs appearing in your categories if category structure does not go down too

3. The selection of training docs for the file share (against categories)
is absolutely critical. I'm familiar with auto-cat technology and you need
to be precise in slection of model docs. Thus, you need to prepare the
training excercise of the CA very carefully.

My advice is to experiment with the value of this on a separate Workspace -
which mirrors your current category structure on the live Workspace - and
point SPS just at the file share (i.e. no other docs) and see what happens.

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